Monday, January 31, 2011

UT-Arlington alumnus still seeks invention’s approval four years later
After 130 years, Edison's invention is being phased out. Government replacing incandescent with a more efficient light
Vancouver invention will help detect flu bug
Calling all Kid Inventors: Dean Kamen and FIRST LEGO League Seek Kid Inventors Globally
Anyone have or used a @AIRHOGS Hawk Eye Camera Copter?
A striking invention: Stormproof matches
Latest from InventHelp News :Air Hogs Hawk Eye Radio Control Video Camera Helicopter
Australia’s Top 10 Inventions: The Honourable Mentions
RT @ideasuploaded Podcast Interview with Jim Polster Inventor of the Polester Longshot Camera System
Inventors: Book Your Booth Today to Receive $200 off of a booth!!
Today in 1851 Gail Borden announced his invention of evaporated milk.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cedar City man hopes new radio invention goes sky high
1-29-1886 Carl Benz changed the world when he filed a patent application 37435 for his “gas engine-powered vehicle”

Friday, January 28, 2011

@newscientist Jetpack takes you on a magic carpet ride invention
“Everlasting Memories” grave markers feature built-in media system that project movies or still photos
New Invention Girl Blog - "Travel Vest is a Better Option Than a Man Purse"
Australia’s Top 10 Inventions: The Cochlear Implant
Showcase Your Product In Stanford's Invention Competition Student-organized contest offers $50k prize for best invention
Mmm beer! Today in 1873 Patent 135,245 was obtained by French chemist Louis Pasteur for a process of brewing beer & ale
InventHelp Client Patents “Everlasting Memories” -- Invention Could Serve as Video Library of Memories of the Deceased
Scratchnall® Self-Grooming/Scratching Pads Designed to Supplement Animal Acupressure

Thursday, January 27, 2011

John Atanasoff, First Man To The Computer Inventor Invention Innovation
Walkerburn plumber Ross puts the Kibosh forward as he plugs invention
The Great Invention Race China and India vs the U.S.
First LED light bulb that can supplant the incandescent light bulb, first invented by ThomasEdison a century ago.
Harvard researcher has invented a device that lets you inhale food vapors.
18-Year-Old Inventor Attended State of the Union
Innovation has become the Holy Grail for improving, or maybe even saving, our economy.
What are your feelings on obesity therapy drugs vs dieting and exercise?
Zafgen's innovative approach to reversing obesity targets adipose tissue
A flying-saucer enthusiast named Walter Frederick Morrison designed a saucer-like disk for playing catch. FRISBY
Lehi resident discovers world of inventing
Hugh Brumfitt has invented a device called the Waspinator which, it is claimed, will keep the insects at bay.
Obesity Drug Moving to Clinical Trials Following Success in Mice, Dogs, and Women
Another great interview with Trevor Theriault, Inventor of Divers Communication Torch conducted by Tara @IdeasUploaded
Georgia Inventor to Exhibit “Thumb Gard™” at America’s Largest @Invention_show INPEX
Today in 1880, Thomas Edison received a patent (#223,898) for his electric incandescent lamp he invented on 21 Nov 1879.
HP to Veer Right into Apple's Face

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Can Be Patented And What Cannot Be Patented? Inventor Invention
Apple Wins Patent for a High Tactility (Magic) Glove System
Named by Time magazine 50 best Inventions of 2010, Sugru is A sticky & moldable material that hardens at room temp
Inventors: want to pitch your product to Telebrands? Contact Nicole Hait @invention _Show and she'll tell you when and where!
University of Utah celebrates its 5,000th invention
Today in 1932, the USPTO recieved a patent app for a cyclotron by Ernest Lawrence as a "Method and Apparatus for the Acceleration of Ions"
Obama used "innovation" nine times and called Americans to "out-innovate.the rest of the world."GE says we already do.
Client developed Invention to reduce back pressure in the exhaust system & provide increased horsepower and torque
The Terrible Towel - the famed invention of Myron Cope is the top selling item on amazon. A proud day for Steelers fans.
Arrowsight Awarded Patent for Remote Video Auditing System and Reporting Method
Nation passes 1 million in yearly patent applications, but domestic innovation continues to lag quality found overseas
Welcome back @oldspice your inventive commercials have been missed
Today in 1875 the first electric dental drill was patented by George Green.
The myth of the innovation nation. Post-speech reaction: Just like Beaver Cleaver's mom used to make
InventHelp Client Invents Diesel Truck Accessory. Invention would reduce back pressure in the exhaust system.
Looking for a better nights sleep? Check out QVC this morning 7am. The Side Sleeper Pro will be making another appearance

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Japanese Fashion Invention: LED Lights for Your Teeth?!?!?!?!
Today in 1881 Michael Brassill obtained a patent for a candlestick.
On June 23, 1911 the Miami Metropolis published predictions about the year 2011 from the one and only Tommy Edison.
US soldier Jonathan Springer develops iPhone app to target the Taliban
Looking for a better nights sleep? Tune into QVC tomorrow at 7am to check out our client's Side Sleeper Pro Invention
Today in 1870 Gustavus Dows patented a modern form of the soda fountain.
Footage of the world's first car's engine igniting and running. The car, developed by Karl Benz on July 3 1886 in Germany
@ideasuploaded Product Design Inspiration For Your Invention Ideas
Wow, it's foggy in PIttsburgh this morning.
Redox Battery Inventor, Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Joins Apella's Advisory Board

Monday, January 24, 2011

Calibra, Inspired by Inventor With Diabetes, Homes in on Cheap, Easy Way to Deliver Insulin
'Bubble Ball' iPhone app inventor is Utah eighth grader
Name That Weird Invention!
Young inventors prompt colleges to revamp rules
To all our Followers: "We are terribly sorry for the overwhelming number of tweets recently. Our account was hacked and we're working to fix
Bevy of student inventors leads colleges to change approach to intellectual property ownership
We apologize to all our followers. Our account was hacked. Sorry for all the redundant tweets
Invention Fact of the Day: Today in 1935 The first canned beer, "Krueger Cream Ale," was sold by the Kruger Brewing Company of Richmond, VA.
@Design4people we appreciate your tweets, however your continuous posting of the same article is beginning to frustrate people. Please stop
@houhaaks We are working on figuring out what the issues are.
@Design4people we appreciate your tweets, however your continuous posting of the same article is beginning to frustrate people. Please stop
@Design4people we appreciate your tweets, however your continuous posting of the same article is beginning to frustrate people. Please stop
We apologize followers, but it seems our account has been hacked, we will be down momentarily while we fix this issue @houhaaks @davebritton
We apologize followers, but it seems our account has been hacked, we will be down momentarily while we fix this issue @houhaaks @davebritton
New Outlet Design Gives Gadgets More Charging Options
Some really interesting 2010 inventions that we will be seeing in the future include:
In 1950, the original microwave oven patent was issued to Percy Spencer titled "Method of Treating Foodstuffs." (U.S. No. 2,495,429.)
Today in 1871 Charles Goodyear, Jr. patented the Goodyear Welt, a machine for sewing boots and shoes.
RT @IBMdesign - IBM Celebrates 100 years of inventive breakthroughs video
@utah311 feel free to check out our Inventor Resources page or for more specific questions
In China 8 of top 10 political posts are held by engineers. In U.S. almost no engineers r engaged in high-level politics

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Apple Working on High Octane iTunes App for Ping +
We truly care about our inventor clients, and we pride ourselves on our honest approach to the invention business
Apple Considers Integrating a Display into their Magic Mouse
Lower Electric Bill for Millions of Households Thanks to New Invention
Today in 1943 "Casablanca" the movie, was copyrighted.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today in 1931 VARA (a Dutch company) began experimental TV broadcasts from Diamantbeurs, Amsterdam.
Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Seeks Voice-Enabled Internet in Afric @fastcompany
We truly care about our inventor clients, and we pride ourselves on our honest approach to the invention business
Nonseum – A Museum for Inventions That Nobody Needs
Today in 1895 "Lifebuoy" soap was trademark registered.
Apple Dreams Up a New User Friendly Connector System @mactrast @appleinsider @applespotlight patent
Correlated Magnetics Research Leads Alabama to Record Year for Invention

Friday, January 21, 2011

Young people in America are increasingly qualified to follow inventors footsteps--fewer think they'll do so @fastcompany
Apple Service Mark Amended to Reflect SocialNetworking @ijustine @applespotlight
Hon Hai, the world's largest contract maker of consumer electronic goods, submitted 4,412 patent applications in 2010
The shoestring was invented in England in 1790. Prior to this time, all shoes were fastened with buckles. NoStringsAttached
twquotes "Freedom is the oxygen without which science cannot breathe." David Sarnoff
How many people have damaged their vehicle as a result of an animal being in the road? New Animal Warning System for Cars
Edison was also issued a patent for the "Production of Molded Articles" (No. 1,744,534) Today in 1930 inventor
To Mac Music Geeks: Eight New GarageBand Patents Have Surfaced apple invention
Did you know that today in 1919, Thomas A. Edison was issued a patent for a "Swaging Machine" (No. 1,292,277).
O-breath Invention is a photonic strain sensing system which is developed for detecting repeated large deformations.
Today in 1954 The first atomic submarine was launched. The USS Nautilus was christened by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.
Newly Invented software @carnegiemellon uses computers' cameras to magnify screens as users move forward @PittsburghPost
A look back on the top five inventions of 2010
InventHelp Client Patents “New Animal Warning System for Cars” Invention Could Help to Eliminate Deadly Animal Collisions

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today in 1929 The first outdoor feature-length talking motion picture was made, a film called "In Old Arizona."
Crayola ColorStudio HD is an iPad App that works with a custom-built iMarker so kids can color and paint mess-free.
Calling ALL Inventors, INVENTOR’S DAY, DC Style!
An online translation of an ancient text reveals some engineering marvels from antiquity
"Inventors of the Automobile" Mercedes-Benz Anniversary Campaign to Launch the 125 Year Birthday of the Automobile
INPEX® Testimonials
Here's what past INPEX exhibitors are saying about America's Largest Invention Trade Show:
Educational game inventor Donald McNeill of McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds on BlogTalkRadio Monday, January 24
INPEX offers learning opportunities to meet the needs of inventors and entrepreneurs with Inventors University™
Convicted Felon's Invention to Help Prevent Fraud
@Crayola Brings Added Color to the iPad with ColorStudio HD
Novato Business Creates Award-Winning Invention That’s For the Dogs
This site was developed to provide everyday people with interesting and enlightening news from the world of innovation
Facinanting article @fastcompany on two NYU grad students Invention of polution detecting sweatshirt
How inventive is the next generation?
Invention Fact of the Day: Today in 1857 William Kelly patented the blast furnace for manufacturing steel.
RT @jimdebetta: Inventors-the ENTIRE how to sell to retailers speech at INPEX 2010 is now live on my site! Check it out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

39 percent of men and 36 percent of women think that inventors are people who most often work at home or in their garage
Today in 1904, Thomas A. Edison was issued a patent for an" Electrical Automobile" (No. 750,102)
2011 Lemelson-MIT Invention Index uncovers inventive perception among young Americans and innovation gap
Young women most interested in thinking of and designing a solution (57 percent) when it comes to the inventive process
Did you know that today in 1915 DOUBLEMINT gum was trademark registered.
Top 10 small-scale renewable energy innovators
Today in 1903, King Edward VII & Prez Theodore Roosevelt exchanged greetings in coded radio exchange between Cape Cod & Cornwall, England.
Ottumwa Invention Convention winners
This invention is taking the aviation world by storm
Happy 176th Birthday Paul Cezanne: "I am the primitive of the method I have invented." "A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."
Exercise aid invented by one of our clients will enable a user to perform various types of pushup exercises. .
Naval aviation was invented Jan 18, 1911, when Eugene B. Ely completed the world's first successful landing on a ship.
Dont let the Bed Bugs Bite with this dog inspired Invention
Young women and men do not see the U.S. as leading the way in invention; 61% see Japan as the leader How do we change?
The Story Behind The Greatest Invention Ever: Beer Cups That Fill Up From The Bottom
What issues do you think contribute to the hampering of innovation in America's youth? How can we encourage invention?
Eugene Ely Invented Naval Aviation 100 Years Ago In San Francisco
How to promote innovation in the U.S. and shrink the gap @inventhelp survey
Inventors Shake Nerdy Persona.
High schooler earns a patent for blanket/chair invention
American women possess characteristics necessary to become inventors, yet they still do not see themselves as inventive
Invention Fact of the Day: Today in 1875, Thomas A. Edison was issued a patent on a Telegraph Apparatus (No. 158,787).
Cavey has been banging away with his hammer for over a decade now trying to turn a slab of rock into a new invention
InventHelp Client Patents “U Push Up” - Invention Could Provide an Efficient and Accurate Workout
Invention GIrl Blog Entry - Shower Invention Reduces Water Usage

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our referral services have helped our clients secure more than 7,000 invention patents!
Have questions about copyrights?
'Russian Invention' in Cash Payments Headed for U.S.
'Russian Invention' in Cash Payments Headed for U.S.
inventors are pioneering technology which could revolutionise green energy across the country.
inventor of Rollerblades, proposing human-powered transport system for the country's major tourist areas and Masdar City
Robotic helpers coming to homes and offices
Peter Mark Roget, born today in 1779 and in 1814, invented a "log-log" slide rule for calculating the roots and powers of numbers.
INPEX® – America's Largest Trade Show for New Inventions and Product Ideas
Great Blog Post via @ideasuploaded - PadPivot Inventors use @Kickstarter to Fund Invention Production
The Steamie Genie goes under tests by Lenfest Media to try to make it to DRTV
Still Trying To Track Down Who Controls Patent Used Against Reddit, Digg, Fark, Slashdot & TechCrunch patenttrolling
Benjamin Franklin’s Most Enduring Inventions
$700 million investment turns UK invention into Plasticski Logicski
Tools for teaching children about Inventors and Invention History @librarycongress
Looking to engage with fellow innovators and inventors? Join the conversation at the Invention Helpers FB page

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day take a look back at the Inventive Heritage of African Americans resources
If you have attended the INPEX show in the past then please take a moment to share your experience. Thanks everyone!
The business of inventing can be intimidating and risky for those not well-armed with proper knowledge needed to succeed
new way to do 3D without glasses Invention Inventor
The EZ-IO IntraosseousInfusion System safely gives vascular access to an adult or pediatric patient in as little as 10sec
Happy MLKJr. Day! We celebrate by looking back at Famous Black Inventors; A Rich Heritage Gives Way to Modern Ingenuity
Man discovers glasses-free 3D tech in the blink of an eye (video)
Happy MartinLutherKing Day! To celebrate we put together a website that highlights the heritage of black inventors
EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System Helps to Save Lives in Haiti
Inventor Invention
Microfluidics and sunlight combined to purify water
Portland choreographer Mary Oslund keeps pushing along her path of invention
Jacksonville invention keeps those scary monsters away
“Conversation Mode” Added to Google Translate
Happy MartinLutherKing Day! To celebrate we put together a website that highlights the heritage of black inventors
Today in 1882 Leroy Firman received a patent for the telephone switchboard. Invention Inventor Innovation

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today in 1861 E.G. Otis was issued patent 31,128 for "improvement in hoisting apparatus" (safety elevator)

Friday, January 14, 2011

New capacitive touch nodes from Apple could result in thinner iPhones
Google Launches Global Online Science Fair [Video]
Straight out of James Bond: British Researchers Look to e-ink invention to Camouflage Military Vehicles
A Flood of New FCC Documents Surface on Apple-Verizon iPhone
InventHelp Client Patents "E-Z Placement" - Invention Could Simplify Ribbon/Badge Placement on Military Uniforms
Darts pals aim for the big time with their invention
patent app shows Apple continuing to research solar power as a potential secondary power source for mobile devices
Inventino Fact of the Day: Today in 1890 George Cooke received a patent for a gas burner.
Stupid Inventions
InventHelp Client Patents "E-Z Placement" - Invention Could Simplify Ribbon/Badge Placement on Military Uniforms

Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease Closer to Commercial Production
This is a free download of InventHelp's "Inventor's Diary: An Idea Journal for Inventive People."
Today in 1863, the first U.S. patent for a chenille manufacturing machine was issued to William Canter of New York City, . (No. 37,415)
@invention_show INPEX® 2011 Preview Video Now on YouTube keynote speaker, Debbi Fields, Inventor’s University™ & more
Inventor hopes lightning strikes again with PadPivot, product holds devices such as iPads or ebook readers for users.
Inventor cuts the glare
InventHelp's Invention Girl Reviews the Stowaway Storage, which Saves Space and Looks Great
Two GCSE students from Newry have come up with an Invention to prevent people making phone calls while driving.
Each year, InventHelp sponsors and produces the Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX) – "America's Largest Invention Trade Show."
Although the name Santa Cruz doesn't connote invention, a phenomenal amount of innovation has come from city recently.
His invention is so simple, Mike Hansen is surprised no one thought of it before. The Ag Flag for irrigation
Inventor Fact: Today in 1903, Black American inventor, Granville T. Woods, was issued a U.S. patent for an "Electric Railway System."
RESOURCES 2011 –An Inventor Expo Presented by the Inventors Society of South Florida at the Palm Beach Convention Center
Today in 1930 the Mickey Mouse cartoon first appeared in newspapers throughout the U.S.
Cavey has been banging away with his hammer for over a decade now trying to turn a slab of rock into a new invention
Apple Files 45 iPad UI Design Patents in Europe

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Extension of Patent Term for Pharmaceuticals in Australia
@O2Micro Receives Patent for Phase-on-demand(R) Invention
Sugar Land man receives patent for improved way of liquifying natura gas
Today in 1919, a U.S. patent for a "Method and Means for Improving the Rendition of Musical Compositions" was issued to Edison
Man turns bad situation into dream invention
Could Apple Challenge Microsoft's Next-Gen Surface Technology?
And another for "Waterproofing Paint for Portland Cement Structure" (No. 909,169). Also "Waterproofing Fibers and Fabrics" (No. 909,806).